Paragliding  Tours

Touring of South Africa is best in the summer months when the weather is ideal for paragliding in Cape Town , Porterville and Garden Route region . From October – March is the best season for flying due to steady onshore flows at this time of the year.
We offer transport and accommodation as well as guiding to our clients and one can expect professional service with intimate knowledge of the launch sites and weather conditions.
We offer individual and small group tours . This includes transport and accommodation (basic BB style) as well as guiding. We offer equipment rental to qualified pilots with their proof of license. Quotes vary according to currency and other factors like diesel and accommodation inflation .

Garden Route Meander Tour  (10 -14 days )

Transport, Accommodation and Guiding in the best coastal flying region  in the World. We will enjoy the splendor of soaring the cliffs over the Indian Ocean and have chance to see marine life such as sharks and dolphins while enjoying warm summer breezes . We have a variety of thermic and coastal soaring sites for most wind directions and speed . There are over 20 Paragliding within 50 km radius .

Standard Cape Tour ( 14 days )

14 day Tour is ideal to experience the beauty of this region and have great flying moments. Normally the tour will land and start in Cape Town and move to Hermanus for 1-2 days and then for 7-8 days in Garden Route with a few days in Porterville and the back to Cape Town for 1-2 days and flight home .

Custom Tours

We offer custom tours to suite your budget and can mix in other adventure trips as well as wildlife experience. We can travel to flying sites like Graaf Reniet and Bulwer ( Drakensburg) .

African Tours

Namibia Tours

We offer a real experience of Namibia where we combine 4×4 wildlife experience and paragliding on the Dunes of Namib desert. We can focus flying from the dunes of Skeleton Coast , Swakopmund and Sandwhich Bay . Camping out in the Wilderness and exploring untouched landscapes can be part of this adventure . We fly special sites in Messum Crater and far North sites next Traditional Himba village