Tandem paragliding flying is fun, safe and easy. Within in a few minutes you could be flying like a eagle. We do Tandem flights from many sites in the Garden Route including Map of Africa and Sedgefield .

A SAHPA rated TFI tandem pilot will fly with you and you can sit back and relax while they share the joy of flying with you.

Anyone can do it from 3 years to 100 years old.

Tandem Experience R 850

  1. After contacting us we will give you a venue and time according to weather as the winds change daily and so we can move to different Launch sites.
  2. When you arrive on top of the Launch site we do some paperwork to complete your indemnity and we sign you up as a part time students ( legal requirement )
  3. We clip you into the harness and do a preflight check. A harness is a comfortable seat you sit in once we airborne.
  4. You will then get attached to a TFI SAHPA rated Instructor and will be asked to take a few steps forward and you will find yourself soaring like bird as the Paraglider takes flight.
  5. When you come to land you stand up again and take a few steps on landing. Well done!

Tandem Adventure Flight R 1450

  1. Longer duration with more detailed instruction and chance to take control and fly the paraglider under the guidance of a TFI SAHPA rated Instructor.
  2. Duration up to 20 minute flight .
  3. You will be briefed while flying then given the steering toggles while the Instructor flying with you will give you prompts what to do . ( Only if you comfortable and when safe to do so )
  4. Great way to experience the sensation of paragliding without the stress .

Photo/video with SD Card R 250

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